Pipe Organ Builders of Distinction
Amherst, Massachusetts    Â¤    Wesley United Methodist Church
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Amherst, MA Wesley MethodistThe organ in Wesley United Methodist Church was built in 1898 by the Jesse Woodberry Company, their Opus 162, for St. Thomas Church, RC, Providence, Rhode Island. Relocated with the assistance of the Organ Clearing House, Harrisville, New Hampshire, the organ has been rebuilt by the Stuart Organ Company, Aldenville, Massachusetts. Rebuilding included thorough mechanical refurbishing, revised tonal scheme, and construction of new casework of mahogany in Chippendale style to complement the neo-Georgian architecture of the church building. The revised tonal design, encompassing 691 pipes, utilizes pipework from the Woodberry organ as well as many pipes from Wesley's previous instrument, Estey Organ Company's Opus 437, 1907. The organ is of tracker design featuring mechanical action. Case and tonal designs are by Richard S. Hedgebeth, head of the Stuart firm. Assisting in the project were Kenneth Ahlberg, John Alberti, Ronald Emerson and David Koziol.
The Organ
Great Organ Swell Organ Pedal Organ
Open Diapason Stopped Diapason Sub Bass 16
Bourdon Night Horn Choral Bass 4
Principal Fifteenth 2

Mixture III  
Sesquialtera II (TC)

Couplers: Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal, Swell to Great
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