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Byfield, MA Parish ChurchThe Organ in Byfield Parish Church was built c. 1911 by E.W. Lane, Waltham, Massachusetts for Puffer Memorial Methodist Church, Morrisville,Vermont. With the assistance of the Organ Clearing House the organ was purchased by the church and moved to the Chicopee, Massachusetts workshop of the Stuart Organ Company for rebuilding.

New casework of pine was constructed, designed to complement the architecture of the building. The revised tonal scheme, encompassing 689 pipes distributed among 11 stops, is designed to provide a maximum degree of flexibility in service playing.

Case design, voicing and tonal finishing were by Richard S. Hedgebeth, head of the firm. Also assisting in the project were John Alberti, Lynn Champlin, David Koziol, Alan Laufman. Christopher Lavoie, Randall Steere and Lorenzo Velez.
The Organ
Great Organ Swell Organ     Pedal Organ
Principal 8     Spire Flute 8     Sub Bass 16
Bourdon 8     Flute Celeste (TC) 8

Octave 4     Chimney Flute 4

Fifteenth 2     Principal 2

Mixture II
    Larigot 1 1/3

    Trumpet 8


Couplers: Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal, Swell to Great
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