Pipe Organ Builders of Distinction
Presque Isle, Maine    ยค    Congregational Church
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Presque Isle, ME Congregational

The organ was originally built by George Kilgen, 1906, and was relocated through the Organ Clearing House, Alan M. Laufman, director. Six ranks of pipes were reutilized from the church’s previous organ by Estey. Assisting Mr. Hedgebeth in the project were
 John Alberti, Lynn Champlin, David Koziol, Martin Walsh and E. A. Kelley.

The Organ
Great Organ Swell Organ Pedal Organ

Principal 8     Stopped Diapason 8     Sub Bass
Bourdon 8    Viola 8     Principal
Octave 4     Celeste (TC) 8     Choral Bass
Chimney Flu te 4     Night Horn 4     Bassoon ++
Fifteenth 2     Principal 2

Mixture III *
    Sesquialtera II

    Trumpet 8

* also draws Fifteenth     Tremulant
    ++ prepared for
Couplers: Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal, Swell to Great

Mechanical key and stop action

Balanced pedal controlling Swell Organ expression
Combination Pedals drawing and retiring the Great principal chorus
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